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Ergo customisable KIOSK tablet floor stand

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€289.00 Excl.VAT €349.69 Incl.VAT

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Quick Overview

The Ergo secured tablet floor stand Kiosk is suitable for protecting any tablet against theft. The Fino cassette is custom made. You can choose to have only the screen visible or also the buttons and camera. 

The Kiosk floorstand for tablets is available in white or black and ideal for showing a business logo or other information. The 
custom made Fino enclosure is mounted in landscape or portrait and is not rotatable. Optionally, a rotation unit is available to rotated the tablet from landscape to portrait.

The enclosure is supplied with a stainless steel lock.



Logo and screen

The Ergo secured tablet floor stand Kiosk white or black is ideal for showing your business logo or advertising. You can choose to either have only the screen visible or the screen and buttons on the front of the tablet.

Safe against theft

The FINO cassette is tailor made for your tablet and consists of high-grade white or black acrylate. A stainless steel lock with 2 keys is provided at the back to lock the enclosure with tablet.

Optional turn and tilt

A rotation unit is optionally available to be able to view the tablet in portrait or landscape. An optional tilting unit provides the optimum viewing angle; ideal 
to prevent glare in case of light comes from above.

The Ergo secured tablet floor stand Kiosk is ideal for use in busy places such as fairs, hospitals, clinics, libraries and shops where you can not always keep an eye on everything.

Operation, WiFi, power and sound

The USB cable passes through a hole in the cassette to the back of the floor stand. This allows the cable to be hid out of sight. An extra long angled USB cable is recommended due to limited space inside the enclosure.

The WiFi reception remains optimal and there is sufficient ventilation to prevent overheating. At the bottom of the cassette, 2 holes have been made to get a headphone wire through. Sound can be heard through the ventilation holes at the rear.

Additional Info

Additional Information

Price incl.VAT €349.69
Delivery time Ships within 1 working day
Brand Ergo AV
Type of security Mechanical
Suitable for Specific tablets
Weight 9000 gr
Material Metal + plastic
Size footplate 350 x 350 mm
Height 1050 - 1300 mm
Thickness footplate 4 mm
Tablet casing Customisable
Viewing angle 0 graden
Hinge No hinge
Warranty 2 year carry-in
Remarks Customisation possible for any tablet
Colour Different colors
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